Basic economic data (December 2015)

  • Country:
  • Clients: 785.535
  • Portfolio: 359 (MMUSD)
  • Average loan amount: 1.088 (USD)
  • Employees: 3.583
  • Offices: 200

Bancamía S.A is the result of the integration of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, the Corporación Mundial de la Mujer Colombia and Corporación Mundial de la Mujer-Medellín. It is a bank that is dedicated exclusively to microfinance, catering solely for low-income entrepreneurs, with a specialist microfinance methodology and with banking products ad services designed specially for this segment of the population.

Executive Chairwoman: Mª Mercedes Gómez Restrepo
Executive Vice-chairwoman: Margarita Correa Henao



The BBVA Microfinance Foundation holds 50,87% of the capital, the Women’s World Corporation Colombia, 24,56%, and the Women’s World Corporation Medellín 24,56%

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Margarita Correa Henao (President)
  • Ignacio Rojas-Marcos Castelló (Vice-President)
  • Javier M. Flores Moreno (Vocal)
  • Edith M. Hoyos (Vocal)
  • Pedro Luis Saiz Ruiz (Vocal)
  • Jorge Cruz Díaz (Vocal)
  • Catalina Martínez (Vocal)

How to get funding through this entity

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