Fondo Esperanza SpA

Basic economic data (December 2015)

  • Country:
  • Clients: 102.141
  • Portfolio: 51 (MMUSD)
  • Average loan amount: 616 (USD)
  • Employees: 514
  • Offices: 52

The new microfinance entity Fondo Esperanza SpA was constituted today following an agreement reached in January between the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and Fondo Esperanza to transfer the assets and liabilities of the former Fondo Esperanza to the new company. The new company, Fondo Esperanza SpA will be a leader in the Chilean microfinance sector using community banking methodology. based on groups of between 18 and 25 people who live in the same area and join forces to obtain microcredits, which will later be extended by individual loans.

General Manager: Mario Pavón



The BBVA Microfinance Foundation holds 51% of the shareholder capital, with Fondo Esperanza holding the remaining 49%.

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Ramón Feijóo López (President)
  • Luciano Magnet Ferrero (Vicepresident)
  • Jorge Cruz Díaz (Vocal)
  • Javier M. Flores Moreno (Vocal)
  • Andrés Silva Troncoso (Vocal)
  • Cristian Barros Tocornal (Vocal)
  • Juan Cristóbal Romero (Vocal)

How to get funding through this entity

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